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BSc Microbiology

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  • Department: Microbiology
  • HOD: Jasitha PP
  • Duration: 3 Years
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  • Fee: 39000
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  • Class Days: Monday to Friday


Microbiology is the study of micro organisms. It is a very large discipline with many specialties. It has a great impact on medicine, agricultural sciences, and food sciences, ecology, genetics, biochemistry and other fields.

What shall the students do in the future with a career in microbiology? What  are the current occupations of professional microbiologist? Such questions are frequently asked by the students as by their parents.


The scope of microbiology to the students who have it as their career building studies include:

  • Medical Microbiology: It deals with diseases of human beings which develop due to harmful effects of microbial pathogens.  Medical microbiologists identify the causative agents responsible for infectious diseases.
  • Public Health Microbiology: public health microbiologists try to control the spread of communicable diseases in the society. The job avenues in the field of qualitative analysis of food commodities and drinking water are very immense.
  • Immunology:  It is concerned with the immune system that protects the body from pathogens. Immunologist has very bright future because of fast development in genetic engineering.
  • Agricultural Microbiology: It is concered with the impact of micro organism on agriculture. Agricultural microbiology tries to combat plant diseases. They can start their own production unit for biofertilization and biopesticides.
  • Veterinary Microbiology: Veterinary microbiologists are getting food jobs now in diary industry and big poultry farm.
  • Food Microbiology: Food microbiologist  exploits the use of micro organism to prepare delicious fermented food like alcoholic beverages, pickles, bread, vinegar etc. the students can find jobs as fermentation technologists in food industry.
  • Dairy Microbiology:  Dairy Microbiologists are one of the important technocrats in making dairy products from the milk.
  • Geographical Microbiology: It deals with the applied areas such a coal, minerals etc. Coal biotechnology is one promising field for microbiologists. The Government undertaking mining corporations is now offering good jobs as metallurgic microbiologists.
  • Microbial biotechnology: Research minded microbiologists have ample opportunities in this field.
  • Industrial Microbiology: in any fermentation based industry, the job of microbiologist is very responsible assignment. Quality control microbiologists and analytical microbiologists are always highly paid. Marketing of industrial products is one of the promising fields for the students of microbiology. You will find many opportunities in the following industries:
  1. Pharmaceutical Industries
  2. Vaccine and therapeutic industries
  3. Enzyme industries.

The future of microbiology is bright. With the advent of genetic engineering microbiology will expand and change even faster in future. The need of microbiologists to work on the problems on medicine, environmental protection and industrial development will undoubtedly grow.