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BSc Biochemistry

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  • Department: Biochemistry
  • HOD: Suvija U
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Email: mhescollege@yahoo.com
  • Fee: 39000
  • Students: -
  • Class Days: Monday to Friday


Biochemistry is now one of the most rapidly expanding areas of science. It is not a simple derivation of Chemistry and Physics or of Chemistry  and Biology. But it is closely related to all of them. biochemists  work with the chemical components of living cells in order to understand  the molecular events which underlie all biological processes. They actively apply this knowledge to many important areas of medicine,  agriculture and industry. Biochemistry is concerned with all life forms, from viruses and bacteria through plants to mammals including man. It gives an idea about not only the morphological structure but biological function as well.

Graduates in Biochemistry find employment in many different areas. These include:

  • Hospital diagnostic and research laboratories.
  • University and CSIR research laboratories.
  • Research and development in private study.
  • Blood bank and serum laboratories.
  • Biotechnology industries.
  • The food industry.
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Government departments (eg: Forensic science, Agriculture, Health)
  • Sales and marketing of Pharmaceutical.
  • Biochemistry graduates are at a considerable advantage in the teaching of modern biology with its emphasis on molecular biology and cell function at secondary level of education.