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  • 918086915151

BSc Physics

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  • Department: Physics
  • HOD: Dr.E.M.A Jamal
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Email: mhescollege@yahoo.com
  • Fee: 22500/Year
  • Students: -
  • Class Days: Monday to Friday

B.Sc. Physics is an undergraduate Physics course. Physics is a natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. More broadly, it is the general analysis of nature, conducted to understand how the universe behaves. The duration of the course is three years and the syllabus is divided into six semesters. The degree course is very important and valuable as it is job orienting in nature that opens wide spread scopes for the candidates after its completion not only in educational field but also many other areas



B.Sc. Physics Eligibility

For seeking admission to the Bachelor of Science course in Physics, candidates must have completed their higher secondary examination in science stream and they must have secured good percentage of marks in the physics      examination at their 10+2 level