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College Union


    The College Students Union is constituted every year as per the rules and regulations of the University. The objectives of the union are:


    1. To train the students of the college in their duties, responsibilities and rights of citizenship.
    2. To promote the opportunities for the development of character,leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service among the students.
    3. To encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational and recreational activities.
    4. To take all such other activities that are relevant and are identical to the objectives of the university union.


    The college also has subjects-associations in each department.

    The term of the college union is generally one year from the date on which the union assumes office till the date of the union election in the next year.


    Staff Advisor

    Sabeel CP

    Assistant Professor

    Dept. of Mathematics



    College Union Election -2021-22


    Vice Chairperson    

    Joint Secretary  
    Fine Arts Secretary  
    General Captain

    Chief Student Editor




    I DC Representative 
    II DC Representative
    III DC Representative    
    PG Representative  


    Microbiology Secretary                
    Biochemistry Secretary    
    Computer Science Secretary  
    Physics Secretary  
    BBA Secretary  
    English Secretary  
    BCom Secretary