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Dionysius - The Drama Club

"Dramatisation is the best way to express our thoughts and convey social messages." Dionysius, the drama club of MHES College Of Science And Technology, Cherandathur, plays a pivotal role in finding out the inborn artistic talents among students and nurturing them to their fullness. The club helps youngsters experience the energy of theatrical expressions and seeks to instill emotional intelligence, an inclusive attitude, tolerance, and the capacity for teamwork. The coordinator of the club is Smt. ASHA B, Assistant Professor, Department of English. The Drama Club provides an excellent platform to hone the inborn talents of students.


  1. To build self-confidence, imagination, creativity, and communication skills among students.
  2. To be a positive influence upon students, instilling the values of tolerance, cooperation, and inclusion.
  3. To explore the diversity of theater and its intersection with community, culture, and society.

Join the Drama Club

If you have a passion for drama and want to explore your artistic talents, join the Drama Club at MHES College. The club is open to all students, and it offers a supportive and nurturing environment to learn and grow as a performer.


Priyanka D Sadayam - Assistant Professor, Department of English

Aghina A T - Assistant Professor, Department of English

Student Coordinator

Nihal - Final year BA English