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The Music Club

The Music Club encourages students to realize their musical talent and also encourages them to participate in various performances, concerts, and workshops. It also provides a space for students to discuss music and gives a platform for performing in Independence Day, Republic Day, intercollege competitions, etc. The Music Club is a precious part of the diverse life on campus, where musical talent grows, and leadership and inclusiveness get practiced and encouraged through practicing sessions, club meetings, and concert performances.


  1. To engage musically talented/experienced students in club's activities.
  2. To maintain progress in their musical skills throughout the academic years.
  3. To bring theoretical knowledge obtained in music courses into practice.
  4. To develop organizational skills in students through creating bands and managing concerts.
  5. To foster leadership skills in students through practicalities of musical performances.
  6. To develop critical listening and analyzing skills and enhance the enjoyment of music.