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Ignosi - The Quiz and Debate Club

The Quiz and Debate Club, Ignosi, takes pride in being one of the most proactive and popular clubs among the student clubs of MHES College of Science and Technology. The club is dedicated to preparing and hosting a gamut of activities, including quizzes and debates covering specific themes such as literature, fine arts, history, and politics.


  1. To boost up students' investigation of community and social issues.
  2. To improve students' personal and professional attributes and skills.
  3. To lend hands to beginners and lead them to the world of knowledge.
  4. To create a group of young minds with quizzing talent.


Priyanka D Sadayam

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Joint Co-ordinators

Anwar Sadath

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Sreeja K

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Student Co-ordinator